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2009-06-16 15:06:46 by Ericoz

I started to make some experiments with music. Idk anything about musical theory and i haven't paid for programs like Reason, Sound forge, Fruit Loops, etc. It's all about free samples and synths i found on web.


2009-05-03 10:57:17 by Ericoz


It's all about this

2009-03-02 15:34:53 by Ericoz


It's all about this

Before anyone notes

2009-02-20 16:34:41 by Ericoz

Yeah my english sucks

About me

2008-11-08 01:40:30 by Ericoz

I'm an almost eighteen boy who needs something worth for his existance. Lately I'm been on lots of sites to find something that's nice to me. I think that Newgrounds is pretty amazing.